We are still a long way away from trade season, but it is not too early to find some trade fits for the Warriors. 

With Andre Iguodala dealt to the Memphis Grizzlies last offseason, the Warriors obtained a trade exception that allows them to acquire a player that has a salary a little over $17 million, without having to send anything back in return. 

In normal circumstances, Joe Lacob and Co. would happily spend the whole exception in order to take on the most talented player available. 

But these are uncertain times, and with financial losses mounting for the NBA, it might be more realistic that they instead focus on players with lesser salaries. Should the perfect $17 million player become available, it is safe to assume that Lacob would happily pull the trigger. 

However, they will not just spend money for the sake of doing so. With that in mind, here is a look at certain players that could potentially be acquired for a more reasonable price tag. 

Disclaimer: These players have not been involved in any trade rumor, but instead could be hypothetical targets.


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