Shaq bet $100K on Steph's team to beat Chuck's in 'The Match'


When Steph Curry wasn't the subject of trash talk from one of his old friends during "The Match: Champions for Change," he was the source of it between two other longtime pals Friday.

Shaquille O'Neal chirped fellow "Inside the NBA" analyst Charles Barkley that he bet $100,000 on Curry and Peyton Manning to beat Barkley and PGA Tour star Phil Mickelson.

"I got [$]100,000 on you, Steph," O'Neal joked. "I'll split it with you, 90-10."

That wasn't one of O'Neal's smarter investments. Curry and Manning won the first hole, but Barkley and Mickelson were up four holes heading into the back nine at Stone Canyon in Oro Valley, Ariz.

Betting on a charity golf match featuring three amateurs and one professional is one thing. Betting against the team featuring a professional who literally owns the course, no matter how bad the amateur playing alongside him might be, is something else entirely.

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Andre Iguodala was right to doubt Curry's chances, through no fault of the two-time NBA MVP's own. Betting $100,000 on Curry to beat a pro golfer would be like betting that much on O'Neal to bet on himself to beat Curry in a 3-point contest.

Of course, unlike most bets, O'Neal's could be going to a good cause. The proceeds of "The Match" will be donated to historical Black colleges and universities, and here's hoping O'Neal's seemingly bad bet follows suit. 


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