Livingston super nervous at Harvard; takes playful jab at Zaza


Since retiring from the NBA in September 2019, Shaun Livingston has spent a lot of time with his family.

What else has the three-time NBA champion been up to over the last year?

Livingston -- now the Warriors' director, players affairs and engagement -- answered that question during a Tuesday afternoon conference call with reporters.

"I took a course at Harvard -- business of sports. It was a really good course," he said. "I wanted to take another class with Zaza (Pachulia), but he kind of pump faked on me. You can quote me on that (laughter)."

You got to love the playful jab here. Now, we haven't heard Zaza's side of the story, but it sounds like the Georgian native bailed on Livingston?

We will report back if further details on this hard-hitting news story surface.

As for the Harvard class, the first two days of instruction were on-site in Cambridge, Mass., while the rest was completed online over the span of a couple months.

So what was it like for Livingston, who entered the NBA in 2004 straight out of high school, to spend time on a college campus?

"It was beautiful. I enjoyed the experience a lot," he said. "I was super, super, super nervous -- more than going to the (NBA) Finals. That's how I really felt. It was a new experience, new arena -- you're a rookie again."

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That is pretty funny to think about, but makes sense because the 35-year-old was out of his comfort zone.

Livingston explained that he and his classmates did case studies, and specifically cited one on Dwayne Wade's marketing portfolio. 

Sounds like a pretty sweet course.

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