Former Warriors guard and fan favorite Shaun Livingston saw the court at Chase Center for the first time last week, coinciding with the Warriors announcing his new front office role: Director, Player Affairs and Engagement. 

Livingston soaked in his workplace, calling it “awfully nice, a beautiful facility.” Livingston last played in June 2019, when the Warriors wrapped up their final season in Oakland.

During a packed day of duties, he had a moment to catch up with Warriors coach Steve Kerr before joining the Runnin’ Plays podcast.

Livingston reflected on his time with Kerr, who stepped into the role of head coach with no prior coaching experience. 

“Something he’s really good at is feel,” Livingston said. “As a player, GM, coach, all those different things, just relationships. That’s where it starts. That what coaching is about.”

Livingston remembered some questions about why the Warriors would move on from Mark Jackson after he guided the team to 51 regular-season wins and an NBA playoff appearance during the 2013-14 season. 

“If you go back and look at it, that was a volatile time for the Warriors ... What’s going to happen?" Livingston said. "Nobody really knew. You don’t know what kind of coach Steve Kerr is going to be." 

Kerr was a TNT broadcaster at the time, drawing on his experience as a GM and player. But just because a guy was successful as a player, doesn’t mean his skillset will translate to coaching. 


Livingston said there was one thing Kerr possessed that would ensure he could lead: “Humility.” 

“Steve said, 'I’m here for the team. It’s not my way or the highway. I’m here to find the best way.' And that really set the tone for us,” Livingston said. 

It was a championship tone. The Warriors finished 67-15 and defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers to lift the Larry O’Brien trophy for the first time since 1975. 

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As Livingston gets started with his work to serve the team, Kerr’s approach is an influence. 

“He’s been a communicator, a seeker of the truth," Livingston said. "That’s really important when you’re trying to build and create. That’s something real."