Should the NBA adopt 4-point shot? 'I think it would only really benefit us'

The Harlem Globetrotters paid a visit to the Warriors at practice on Tuesday and showed a play Klay Thompson wants a part of. 

When the Globetrotters play, they use a 4-point line about 30 feet away from the hoop. After nailing some 4-pointers of his own at the top of the key with Zeus McClurkin and Dizzy English, Thompson was asked if the NBA should implement the 4-point shot. 

"I think it would only really benefit us," Thompson joked. "Dame Lillard can shoot like that. Paul George a little bit. Steph, especially Steph. Me and KD."

Steve Kerr wasn't surprised one bit by Thompson's excitement of a 4-point shot. 

"That's right up Klay's alley," Kerr said. 

Through their first 11 games, the Warriors are currently second in the NBA with 150 made 3-pointers. The Rockets lead the NBA with 166, but Golden State is the best in the game with a 40.9 field goal percentage from 3-point range. 

Thompson is shooting a career best 45.8 percent from beyond the arc this season.