Throughout their entire lives, Steph and Seth Curry have faced each other countless times.

But on Tuesday night, they played against each other in a playoff game for the first time.

Steph's squad (the top-seeded Warriors) got the better of Seth's squad (the Portland Trail Blazers), leaving Oracle Areana with a 116-94 win in Game 1 of the Western Conference finals.

After the game, in which he scored a game-high 36 points, Steph was asked by ESPN's Doris Burke about playing against Seth.

"Every single time, it's weird," Steph said. "Obviously growing up playing in the backyard, watching our dad play on the same courts, and now we're both representing our family in the league. But to do it on this stage is even crazier considering the journeys we've both had. We're going to enjoy this series no matter how it turns out. But I'm sure for my parents and our family, wherever they are, they're proud of both of us for sure."

Seth wasn't much of a factor in Game 1, finishing with three points on 1-of-7 shooting.

Before Game 1, Dell and Sonya Curry flipped a coin to decide which parent would root for which son. Dell got the Warriors and Sonya got the Blazers. But when they arrived at Oracle, they were wearing custom split jerseys. And during the game, when Steph made a shot, Sonya was up clapping for her oldest son.


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So, despite the outside world trying to get the Curry parents to pick sides, they couldn't do it.

Just like Steph, it must be a weird feeling for the parents to watch their sons play for a chance to go to the NBA Finals.