Steph believes he'll kneel during anthem when Dubs play

Getty Images

Steph Curry over the last several years has become much more vocal when it comes to politics and causes he believes in.

The Warriors superstar is embracing his massive platform, and helping enact meaningful change.

So when the 2020-21 season begins -- and Golden State finally takes the court again -- will he kneel during the national anthem?

"I believe so," he told Kelefa Sanneh on CBS' "Sunday Morning" show. "I applaud every single one of them for doing it, and for doing it in unity."

Curry is referring to the NBA players, coaches and team personnel who have been taking a knee as they lock arms prior to games in the Orlando bubble. 

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The expectation is that the symbolic gesture that brings light to racial equality and social justice will continue through the NBA Finals in October. 

It will be interesting to see where we are at as a society when next season begins, and if kneeling still is something that routinely takes place.

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