Why Steph believes Warriors headed in 'right direction'


With Draymond Green out of the lineup and a plethora of new faces getting acclimated to playing together on the court, the Warriors got off to a slow start to the 2020-21 NBA regular season, losing three of the team's first five games in blowout fashion.

But after a 62-point explosion against fellow top point guard Damian Lillard and a dominant victory over the Kings in successive nights, Steph Curry believes the Warriors are on the right path.

"It feels like we're moving in the right direction and we have some consistency from game to game to really assess where we truly are," Curry told reporters after Monday's win.

Klay Thompson's absence for the season led many to believe Curry would need to carry his teammates in order to keep the Warriors in contention for a playoff spot in the fiercely competitive Western Conference.

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Coach Steve Kerr told reporters during the preseason that he'd like to see the Warriors be a top-10 team defensively. But through seven games, the Warriors' NBA-leading pace also has them 29th out of 30 teams in points allowed per game (121.1). Curry knows that in order to get closer to the team's goals on that end, it will take a lot more than just his own determination.


"I have to do my job, Kelly (Oubre Jr.) has to do his job, Wiggs (Andrew Wiggins) has to do his job, Wise (James Wiseman) has to do his job to make Draymond shine even more with his effort and his IQ," Curry said. "If there's slip-ups or anybody is not locked in, it doesn't work. Obviously, I'm not gonna be the flashiest guy on defense but I can be solid, do my job and hold my responsibility and my matchup down.

"Draymond is gonna plug a lot of holes and bring leadership on that side, and we're gonna look really good."

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Considering the Warriors' three losses this season all have come against playoff teams from a year ago, and two of the three have featured former MVP winners, Curry knows he can't do it alone.

But now with Draymond back on the court by his side, we finally have a chance to see the full defensive and offensive potential of this Warriors roster.