Why Kerr says Steph breaking Wilt's record is 'remarkable'


Steph Curry is on the doorstep of becoming the most prolific scorer to wear a Warriors jersey.

With 19 points against the Denver Nuggets on Monday night at Chase Center, Curry will push the door open and surpass Wilt Chamberlain's franchise record of 17,783 points.

Warriors coach Steve Kerr has had a front-row seat for Curry's greatness since 2014. He knows breaking Chamberlain's record is special, but he's also aware that this one single achievement doesn't full encompass the legacy of the two-time NBA MVP and three-time NBA champion.

"It's just an incredible feat," Kerr told reporters 90 minutes before tipoff between the Warriors and Nuggets on Monday. "Passing Wilt in anything statistically is sort of remarkable because his name is all over the record books. So the fact that Steph is about to break that record is just incredible and obviously a testament to what he's done here in his 12 years and impact he's made.

"I don't know if breaking that record even tells the story because what Steph brings goes so far beyond points. It's the impact on his teammates, the community, the organization, the style of play, just how unique he is. As an individual, he has changed the game, inspired all the young NBA point guards who have come up to be much better shooters. He has changed the game, so as awesome as this accomplishment is, passing Wilt, it's just one of many for Steph."


As Kerr mentioned, Curry has forever changed the way the game of basketball is played. He has stretched the dimensions of the court. "Bad shots" no longer are bad. Fastbreaks all over the NBA now end in 3-pointers instead of layups or dunks.

But Curry is also unique in that he's the longest tenured player with his current team. While he has revolutionized the game with his shooting, Curry is a dinosaur in that he hasn't changed teams, and he likely will never put on a different uniform.

"Maybe Steph should be glad that Wilt was part of the player movement otherwise he never would have passed Wilt," Kerr said. "It is really refreshing when you see a guy like Dirk Nowitzki or Kobe Bryant or now Steph, maybe Klay [Thompson] hopefully, Draymond [Green], those guys. When you see players with one franchise for their entire careers, it's really special.

"When you play in Dallas now and you look on the floor, there's a silhouette of Dirk shooting his signature fadeaway on each end of the floor. And I love that. I thought it was a really great idea from the Mavericks and such a great way to sort of honor Dirk and remember his legacy. I imagine there will be something like that here, a picture of Steph holding his mouthpiece or something."

There will be much more than just an image of Curry at Chase Center when he's finally done playing. He's going to have a statue outside the arena and his jersey will be hanging from the rafters inside.

And his name will be plastered all over the Warriors' record books when it's all said and done.

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