Steph changed Bill Simmons' mind about All-Star starter quick

Steph Curry Damian Lillard

There isn't much time left for people to submit their ballots, as the voting for NBA All-Star starters closes Tuesday night at 8:59 PT.

On the latest episode of "The Bill Simmons Podcast," Simmons and The Ringer's Kevin O'Connor went through their picks. And they both agree that Steph Curry 100 percent is a lock in the starting lineup for the Western Conference (they went with Luka Doncic as the other guard).

This is noteworthy because during his podcast back on Feb. 2 -- the night Curry racked up 38 points, 11 rebounds, eight assists and three steals in a loss to the Boston Celtics -- Simmons said his starters in the backcourt would be Doncic and Damian Lillard.

So the two-time NBA MVP caused Simmons to change his mind. And guess what -- that totally is acceptable.

Circumstances can change, such as Curry dropping 57 points on the Dallas Mavericks.

"Everybody kind of forgot how influential and incredible he was, and kind of gravitated toward Lillard," Simmons said last week. "And him and Dame, the stats are pretty close. But there's something with Steph that will always be a little bit different.

"First of all, he was first. He invented a lot of this. But the joy, especially when he has a heat check, is just different. It's like inclusive. And I'm not a Warriors fan, [but] when he gets hot, there's nothing I want to watch on a basketball court more than Steph feeling it.


"When he took the 40 footer [in Dallas] and Mike Breen [said], 'Bang!' I was like, 'Yes! We're in! Steph is back!' "

When the NBA released the second returns on fan voting last Thursday, here is where things stood among Western Conference guards:

1) Curry: 4,033,050 votes

2) Doncic: 2,484,552 votes

3) Lillard: 2,095,157 votes

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Fans account for 50 percent of the pie, while players and media account for 25 percent each.

It sure seems like Curry and Doncic will edge out Lillard, who would be the odd man out despite averaging 30.2 points and 7.7 assists (41.4 percent overall and 37.5 percent on 3s) his last six games (and his squad won in Dallas on Sunday night).

I guess that is what can happen when the other two guys are doing this over the same stretch:

Curry: 36.3 points, 5.3 assists, 57 percent overall and 47.8 percent on 3s

Doncic: 34.3 points, 9.6 assists, 50.3 percent overall and 44.4 percent on 3s

The starters will be announced Thursday night.

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