Steph hilariously jokes he would crush JTA's first pitch

JTA First Pitch

Steph Curry is a master at hitting shots from deep on a basketball court, but could he hit a ball far on a baseball field?

After seeing teammate Juan Toscano-Anderson's first pitch before the Athletics' game against the Texas Rangers on Friday night, Curry believes he could take one deep, and he would celebrate with an epic Jose Bautista-style bat flip.

Toscano-Anderson later responded by jokingly telling Curry he would simply take the bat out of his hands to avoid giving up a long homer.

Toscano-Anderson, an East Oakland native, tweeted a day earlier that he was going to throw out the first pitch for the "best team in baseball," and he got to fulfill the dream Friday night.

JTA didn't fire the pitch in, but he didn't throw it wildly or airmail the ball to the backstop either, and he was thrilled about that.

Curry, who just signed a four-year contract extension with the Warriors worth $215 million, is a man who never backs down from a good competition, so maybe he and JTA should step on the field at the Coliseum and see if he can live up to the "Joey Bats" moniker.

"Curry Bats" has a nice ring to it.

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