Steph, Draymond among NBA players consoling Murray after injury


When Denver Nuggets guard Jamal Murray was helped off of the court during Monday nightโ€™s 116-107 loss to the Warriors, you could physically hear he was in pain as he grabbed on to his left knee.

He ultimately would be diagnosed with a torn ACL and was ruled out indefinitely. Although opponents between the lines, the Warriors offered their condolences following the game and Tuesday morning's diagnosis.

Steph Curry sent prayers and told Murray to come back even stronger.

Andrew Wiggins wished Murray a speedy recovery.

Draymond Green posted to his Instagram story saying this was a โ€œminor setbackโ€ for the 24-year-old.

At the beginning of postgame availability, Warriors head coach Steve Kerr also made a statement about Murray.

"Before we start, I just wanna say everybody in our locker room is thinking about Jamal Murray and we're hoping for the best and we hope he's not injured," Kerr said Monday night when addressing the media.ย "That was a really scary fall and there was silence in the gym. Everybody's so concerned for him."ย 

There appeared to be some good news after Murray fell to the ground. The medical staff brought a wheelchair out onto the court and he refused to use it, but the two members of the medical staff made sure Murray didnโ€™t put any weight on his left side.ย 

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Other members of the NBA community sent good vibes and prayers to Murray as well including NBA star Damian Lillard. ย 


Nuggets head coach Michael Malone said the locker room was โ€œvery downโ€ after the news, which certainly will all but end the team's hopes of winning the NBA Finals this season.

Here's to a speedy recovery for Murray, a rising star in the NBA.

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