Chris Hayes' Steph-Lillard take leads him to embrace ratio


NBA Twitter can be a contentious place, one full of opinions and takes on just about anything and everything surrounding the Association.

MSNBC's Chris Hayes decided to wade into those waters on Sunday night with a bold take on Warriors star Steph Curry and Portland Trail Blazers star Damian Lillard, which brought quite a few responses back his way.

Naturally, Hayes having 2.4 million followers on the social media application brought thousands of responses his way from across the NBA Twitterverse. Hayes seemed to enjoy the notoriety and added that he simply wanted to pose the question.

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We're not going to get into a debate here over whether one might be better than the other. Steph is playing some of the best basketball of his NBA career over the past few weeks for the Warriors, while Lillard continues to be among the best last-second shot takers in the game and himself has blossomed into an MVP candidate.

Both are phenomenal talents with differing skillsets, and we shouldn't be doing anything other than appreciating the greatness of both while they still can take the floor night in and night out.

Hayes just wanted to have some fun with his social media, and he likely enjoyed the temporary reprieve from political discourse flooding his mentions.

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