Steph defends Ayesha against trolls criticizing new hair color

USA Today

Internet trolls came for Ayesha Curry, and Steph was having none of it.

The Warriors star defended his wife on Instagram after she received negative comments on a video she posted Sunday showing off her new blonde hair.

Several comments on Ayesha's post called her a white woman and others wondered if Steph was with another woman.

Steph posted a lengthy message for all the haters, while also adding some humor to try to defuse the situation.

"You beautiful baby. And don’t you let anybody tell you differently ok? I mean it," Steph wrote in the comments. "There’s just a bunch of meanies out there and I don’t like it. I don’t like it one bit. Do you boo boo. P.S. If the wig falls off I won’t tell anybody, I promise. Pinky promise. It be hilarious though, but won’t anybody know. Wait- that’s been you in this bed the whole time??? I ain’t even know. Now I’m tripping."

Steph and Ayesha have been in the public spotlight long enough to know not to take internet trolls seriously. But it's still good to see Steph telling off the haters.

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