Why Steph can empathize with Wiseman's rookie-year struggles

James Wiseman, Steph Curry

Acie Law IV was probably just at home late Monday night minding his own business. Then Steph Curry had to make him the target of some laughs on #NBATwitter.

While defending the play of rookie James Wiseman, who had four points and five rebounds in Monday’s 115-113 comeback victory over the Los Angeles Lakers, Curry mentioned Law, the former NBA guard.

Specifically, how Curry used to back him up.

Marcus Thompson of The Athletic made sure to point out that Curry and Law don't have beef, however.

Wiseman has definitely shown promise through his first month in the NBA, but he has also struggled at times and let things snowball in bad games. Monday was one of those contests, as Wiseman let his frustration show after foul calls and couldn’t get any rhythm going offensively.

“I know he’s a perfectionist and he wants to be great and he wants to be as productive as he can in his minutes and finish games,” Curry said. “That’s great. We want him to have that sense of care, that expectation of greatness. But he can’t get too overwhelmed, in terms of, when it’s not working or he’s having a bad game.

“Just stick with it. Just keep his composure and keep his mind engaged to learn the lessons that he needs to learn. Because that’ll help in the long run, that’ll help in the stretch of the season.”

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We have to remember Wiseman is only 19. 

Law, meanwhile, is 35 and hasn’t played in the NBA since 2011 and professionally since 2013. He was on the Warriors for Curry’s rookie season in 2009-10, but only played five games. Curry was probably referring to the 2010-11 campaign, when Law averaged 15.8 minutes in his 40 contests playing for coach Keith Smart.

Curry surely didn’t mean anything ill, but his comment provides some funny perspective on how far he’s come in his 12-year career with the Warriors.

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