Steph describes his unique trash talk, young players' jabs at him

Steph Curry, Warriors

Steph Curry has been praised for his humility during his ascent as one of basketball’s biggest stars.

That humble attitude apparently extends to his trash talking, too.

During the latest Dubs Talk podcast episode with NBC Sports Bay Area’s Grant Liffmann and Kendra Andrews, the Warriors star described his style of trash talk.

"It’s definitely under the radar," Curry told Liffmann and Andrews. "That’s just my nature, I guess, in general. I keep it confined to the game. I don’t have material of life or like good one-liners and stuff like that. I keep it to what’s happening in that moment.

"I guess my mannerisms play a little bit more a [role], facial expressions or pointing or celebrations that might rub people the wrong way. But I’m having fun out there."

In Monday’s 53-point performance, when Curry surpassed Wilt Chamberlain to become the Warriors’ all-time leading scorer in franchise history, cameras caught him jawing after making a 3-pointer over Denver Nuggets guard Facundo Campazzo.

Campazzo is a 30-year-old who played with Real Madrid in the EuroLeague before the Nuggets signed him in late November. But he’s still an NBA rookie, so maybe he doesn’t know the fine line between strong defense and pushing Curry’s buttons.

Now in his 12th NBA season, Curry said it’s interesting to see how young guys react when playing him for the first time.


"Not the majority, but certain guys will say, ‘Oh, I’ve been waiting for this. I’ve been watching you play. I’m ready,' " Curry said. “Just trying to, I guess, boost their confidence up when they get out there.

"Usually if you’re saying something like that, you’re probably not as confident as you seem. That’s usually the experience, but I love it. I love that it gets the fire going even more."

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Most of the time, Curry doesn’t need to say a word. His barrages of buckets and shimmies can be demoralizing enough.

“I keep it to the game, and that’s why I like to have fun with it,” Curry said. “Because I know it’s just basketball at the end of the day. We’re not solving life’s issues out here -- we’re hooping and competing.

"If there is some chattering back and forth, or some people trying to get physical and all that type of stuff, I’m ready for those moments. I guess I’m not the instigator, either. I’m a good retaliator in that respect."

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