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When Kevin Durant and Draymond Green got into their heated exchange back on Nov. 12, Steph Curry was not at Staples Center. He was not sitting on the bench.

He was back in the Bay Area to get treatment on his strained groin. So as the organization dealt with the fallout and went through the healing process, what was Curry's responsibility as the face of the franchise?

“Just to level-set," the two-time MVP said on The Woj Pod. "We know each other. We’ve been through a lot , we have a lot of equity as a team.

“In terms of myself plugging in, try get real conversations happening — get everything on the table. We’re not a perfect team. We all have issues, we all have baggage that we bring. But we all need to be aware of it, and the best thing for us to move forward is if everybody puts it on the table.

"Whether you think it’s gonna hurt somebody’s feelings or you think they’re not gonna like what they hear … who cares. Put it on the table, lets’s talk about it, let’s deal with it and let’s move on.

“Coach Kerr has been amazing with that, Draymond has been amazing with that, KD has, Andre, Shaun, Klay — all the guys that have been in this fight for so long. It took a collective effort and a willingness from everybody to participate in that.


“And I think we’ve done a good with that. For us, again — something that happens in November can’t derail our championship potential.”

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The Warriors have won 10 in a row, including a big victory at Boston on Saturday night. They are in a much better place emotionally. Durant and Draymond have seemingly moved past the incident and their relationship appears to be thriving again.

But as Adrian Wojnarowski asked Curry: "Was there any moment where you went, ‘Geez, this might be a problem. I’m not sure how this may end up.’ What did you think in the immediate aftermath?"

"I wasn’t there when it happened and so I was put in a real awkward position because you’re getting everything secondhand," Curry answered. "So from my standpoint, I was just trying to get caught up to speed on what the situation was and making sure we were hopefully moving to how we could repair."

And repair they did...

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