Steph explains Bradley's case for final Warriors roster spot

Avery Bradley

The Warriors have a CVS receipt-length of questions ahead of this upcoming NBA season. Near the top of the list is finding the right player to fill out the 15th spot on Golden State's roster. 

Steph Curry has a good idea who that might be. 

"I think that's why he's here, for sure," Curry told reporters Monday when asked about guard Avery Bradley making the Warriors' roster. 

The Warriors signed Bradley, 30, to a non-guaranteed contract on Sept. 24. The signing immediately spiced up training camp competition as Golden State has searched for a strong backup guard all offseason. While the Warriors added scoring through free agency, Bradley brings a whole new element of defensive prowess. 

Curry is one of the best offensive players the game has seen. It doesn't get much better than receiving a seal of approval from the two-time NBA MVP, and Curry couldn't praise the 11-year veteran any stronger. 

"I've always called him a bulldog,'" Curry said. "Everybody asks who are some of the toughest defenders you've had, and he's the first guy that comes to mind. Just because he's relentless, he's physical, he's quick, he's got good awareness of not just on-ball defense but team defense as well.

"He's shown not only the skill set, but the commitment to it. You can have guys who have been in the league as long as he has that might try to do something different or switch up or take a shortcut -- it's really hard to defend like that physically."


Curry even believes Bradley's presence at training camp has pushed himself and others being guarded by the longtime veteran as well. 

"He's shown in training camp that's still important to him and he knows that's where he provides a lot of value. It's been awesome to watch," Curry said. "Honestly, it helps you get better in training camp when you have a guy like that pushing you every possession. I know [Jordan Poole's] felt that same way.

"He came to camp prepared and ready and he's shown what he's capable of."

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Bradley played 27 games last season between the Miami Heat and Houston Rockets, averaging 6.2 points while shooting 32.7 percent from 3-point range. 

More importantly, he's a two-time All-Defensive player who clearly still has the respect of Curry and many others.

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