What Warriors' strong 9-1 start to season means to Steph

Steph Curry

From their roster construction in the offseason to going undefeated in the preseason, it was clear this Warriors team should be much better than the last two. Being this good, though, has to come as a bit of a surprise. 

After beating the Atlanta Hawks 127-113 behind Steph Curry's 50 points at Chase Center on Monday night, the Warriors now are 9-1 on the season. They have the best record in the NBA right now and lead the Utah Jazz by two games in the Western Conference. So, do they believe the growing outside noise that they just might be the best team in all of basketball?

"It's obviously great to hear but it doesn't influence how we think about ourselves or how we thought about ourselves coming into the season," Curry said to reporters after the win. 

As he tries to downplay their scorching-hot start, Curry does know how important this kind of start is for the Warriors. 

"You want to get off to a good start and anytime you're talking about being championship contenders and all that, you can't win a championship in November but you sure can take yourself out of the equation pretty quickly -- a la last year," Curry said.

"You want to be trending in the right direction. We're obviously only 10 games in and a lot of season left, but you want to be a threat every single night to win games no matter who you're playing. I think we're in that position now."


The Warriors started off last season 6-4. Good but not great. Plus, three of those four losses were by an average of 30 points. 

Golden State's only loss this season was a three-point nail-biter against the Memphis Grizzlies.

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Of the nine teams the Warriors have beaten this season, three of those teams -- the Los Angeles Lakers, LA Clippers and the Hawks -- were seen as real championship contenders going into the season. Now, the Warriors might be seen as bigger threats than all three of the previously stated squads. But it's going to get harder. 

The remaining teams on the Warriors' schedule this month include the Chicago Bulls, Charlotte Hornets, Brooklyn Nets, Toronto Raptors, Philadelphia 76ers, Portland Trail Blazers, Clippers and the Phoenix Suns. 

"As we get off this homestand and get back on the road and play some teams at the top of the standings, do what we do and continue to prove that," Curry said. "That's the mentality. But it is nice to be in this position."

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