Steph gives funny response about trying to finish a tip-dunk


Steph Curry is more known for his shooting ability than anything, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t know a good put-back dunk when he sees one.

Take Kelly Oubre for example.

Does that mean Steph wants to get in on the action too? Well, yes and no.

Following Wednesday night’s 121-99 win over the San Antonio Spurs, Steph was asked how he believes Oubre is so good with his put-back dunking abilities, then was asked if he would do the same.

“No,” Steph said. “I mean, on my boy’s Fisher-Price hoop at the house. That’s about it.”

Like you wouldn’t line up to see that. 

The Athletic’s Marcus Thompson pointed out that Steph often likes to end a workout with an alley-oop, so Steph admitted if that counts, then so be it. But he likes what he saw from Oubre's tip-dunks. 

“Freak athlete, but he’s got a great offer for the timing of it,” Steph said. “You know you can jump that high, and you’re looking for those opportunities, and good things happen.”

“He makes it look really good though,” Steph added. 

He sure does. Oubre makes it look like art. Just as Steph said, Oubre believes timing is a big factor as to how successful he is with those put-back dunks.

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“But it's also a will and a way -- just like there is with everything," he told the media after Wednesday’s win. "So yeah, I believe so. Everything is art depending on how you look at it.”


But now just imagine these two going for it on a toy version of a hoop. 

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