Bazemore claims Steph had hairline fracture in tailbone

Steph Curry tailbone injury

Steph Curry's tailbone injury apparently was much worse than he or the Warriors let on.

Following the Warriors' deflating season-ending 117-112 overtime loss to the Memphis Grizzlies at Chase Center on Friday, guard Kent Bazemore claimed that Curry actually suffered a hairline fracture in his tailbone.

"Man, that dude is unbelievable," Bazemore told reporters on a video conference call after the game. "I go get taped while he's wrapping up before the meeting and he's getting his little butt pad put in. No one's talking about the hairline fracture in his tailbone that he got a couple weeks ago. Tweaked ankle here and there. Dude is just a machine. Inspiration is just unreal. Regardless of how we're feeling, regardless of how he's feeling, he'll never let you know. He goes out and he leads by example and you follow. That's a true definition of a leader right there."

The Warriors' official diagnosis for Curry's injury was a contusion.

Curry suffered the injury on March 17 against the Houston Rockets at Toyota Center. At the end of the third quarter, he attempted a fadeaway 3-pointer, and as he stumbled toward the sideline, he expected someone or something to stop his momentum.

Curry kept backpedaling until he tripped over a short metal step and landed on the next metal step. He was in immediate pain and didn't return to the game.


The 2020-21 NBA MVP finalist was forced to miss five games due to the injury. When he returned to action, he was moving gingerly and trying not to fall on his tailbone. If he did, he was in intense pain.

Even with the tailbone injury, Curry went on to have one of the best months in NBA history when he averaged 37.1 points in 23 games during April and May, earning Western Conference Player of the Month honors in both months.

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Curry won his second NBA scoring title by averaging a career-high 32.0 points per game. He wasn't able to get the Warriors into the NBA playoffs, but he propelled them into the play-in tournament.

If Curry did all that with a hairline fracture in his tailbone, then it's another impressive chapter in his story.