Steph hilariously reacts to being called 'Wardell' after win


Remember when you were a kid and someone had the audacity to address you by your real name? They completely threw the nicknames you worked so hard to earn out the window. You were unsure how to react. 

That’s exactly what happened with Steph Curry recently.

The Athletic’s Marcus Thompson asked Steph a question following Wednesday night’s 121-99 win over the San Antonio Spurs, and addressed him by his real name: Wardell.

This was Steph’s -- er, Wardell’s reaction:

Thompson's question was about how great Kelly Oubre’s put-back dunking abilities have been, a part of his game really that shined on Wednesday night, but all we could do was laugh at Steph’s reaction.

It was too good.

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Steph was born Wardell Stephen Curry II. He even refers to himself as Wardell on his Instagram account. He didn't appear to be upset -- just caught off guard, much like we were. We’re not used to it, but that’s OK. 

And now, we surely have a new meme.

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