Steph drains new tunnel shot at Chase before preseason opener

Steph Curry warming up

When the Warriors moved from Oracle Arena in Oakland to Chase Center in San Francisco, Dub Nation wondered if Steph Curry's patented pregame tunnel shot would get lost in the shuffle.

After all, the layout of the Warriors' new home didn't lend itself to an easy angle for Curry to attempt a tunnel shot.

But all those obstacles didn't stop Curry, who found a spot to take the shot from Saturday before the Warriors' preseason opener against the Denver Nuggets.

And in typical Curry fashion, he nailed the shot.

Perfect. Warriors fans expect nothing less from the two-time NBA MVP, who has played in just five NBA games since the end of the 2019 NBA Finals.

Curry also sent out his trademark #LockedIn tweet, something his fans have missed.

Steph's new tunnel shot caught the attention of Dwyane Wade.

Before arriving at Chase on Saturday, Curry posted a video on his Instagram Story showing how hyped he was to start Year 12 of his NBA career. He even got a pregame meal and a motivational note from his wife Ayesha.

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It looks like the care package from Ayesha already is working for Steph.