It's easy to see Steph 'pushing 40,' be on Brady-like path


Steph Curry turns 33 years old in just over a month. He's in his 12th NBA season, but still looks like the same player who won his second straight MVP over five years ago. 

Curry still casually puts together performances like his 57-point game against the Dallas Mavericks, and should find himself in the thick of this season's early MVP race despite Golden State's inconsistent play. So, with someone like Tom Brady still being at the top of his game at 43 years old, how long does Curry envision his career? 

"My pops was always the barometer for me," Curry said on the "Huddle and Flow" podcast. "He played 16 years until he was 38. I got to see how his body changed over the years, especially those last six -- all the work that went into getting ready for a season. I'm about to be 33 next month, feel really, really good -- fresh, able to still do everything I want to do on the court.

"If I could get to like pushing 40 and still be impactful on the court, I feel like that's a win in basketball. Straight up and down you can't hide anywhere when you're out there. Maybe a little bit of a different conversation, but to Tom's point, just getting your body where you go out on your own terms is the goal.


"However long or however many years that is. Pushing 40 would be amazing."

Curry isn't alone in his thinking. He isn't even the only person within the Warriors' organization to see his career playing out that way. 

Warriors general manager Bob Myers told NBC Sports Bay Area's Monte Poole in October that the plan is for Curry to be on a path very similar to Brady

“The plan is we're hoping Curry can be like a Tom Brady type,” Myers told Poole. “We’re hoping he can be 40, or whatever it is, and pulling up from half court and being as effective and on some special diet.”

That thought might sound crazy, but it really shouldn't when looking at Curry. It's no secret how much Curry takes care of his body and how prepared he gets every offseason. Plus, this isn't a high-flier we're talking about. It's the greatest shooter ever. 

Ray Allen still was draining clutch 3s in his late 30s, and Reggie Miller averaged 14.8 points per game at 39 years old. Steve Nash led the league in assists at 36 and still shot 43.8 percent from 3-point range at 38. 

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Even with some tough injury history in the past, Curry feels young for his age. He keeps getting stronger while bringing his creativity to his training sessions. It's unfathomable to imagine his decline right now. 

Entering Monday, Curry leads the NBA in total points (677) and is third in points per game (29.4). He's shooting 42.5 percent from deep and has two 50-plus point performances through his 23 games this season. He's a three-time champion and two-time MVP, one who still is playing at his peak. 

Take it from someone who bet against Brady in the Super Bowl: Don't count out Curry. This is far from the end.

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