Steph hopes not to jinx himself with recent hot shooting

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In the Warriors' loss to the Indiana Pacers back on Jan. 12, Steph Curry went 1-for-4 from the field and 0-for-1 from 3-point range in the fourth quarter.

The two-time NBA MVP at that point in time was averaging 27.8 points per game this season, while shooting 43 percent overall and 36.9 percent from deep.

While Curry's scoring actually has dipped slightly over Golden State's last nine games (27.6), he has been much more efficient -- to the tune of 50.6 percent overall and 45.8 percent from beyond the arc.

"It follows my normal patterns of shooting better as the season goes on in general," Curry said after the Warriors' win over the Detroit Pistons on Saturday night. "But definitely getting a lot more comfortable finding that balance -- knowing what type of shots we're gonna get, and ones that I can take and make.

"I don't ever lose confidence in that respect, but you start to get a flow and you can carry that from game to game, and it starts to feel really good."

It sounded like Curry was done answering the question about his improved shooting numbers, but he had one more thing to say about it after a two-second pause.

"And I'm probably gonna try ... I'm not jinxing myself, so thanks for asking that question (smirks)."

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It sure sounds like Steph has set some sort of a goal when it comes to his percentages, and possibly was on the verge of saying it out loud before he quickly decided to stop talking.

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The 32-year-old for the season is shooting 46.3 percent overall, 40.8 percent from 3-point territory and and 92.4 percent from the free throw line.

It's safe to assume he will finish the season above 40 percent from deep and better than 90 percent from the charity stripe. But because of his slow start, it's going to be nearly impossible for him to shoot 50 percent from the field and join the 50-40-90 club for the second time in his career (2015-16).

But then again, it's probably not smart to bet against the only unanimous MVP in NBA history.

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