Steph insists he has 'no narrative' to push in dominant season

Steph Curry, Warriors

The Warriors’ season began with talk about Steph Curry’s legacy.

His résumé includes three NBA championships and back-to-back NBA MVPs, but he entered the 2020-21 campaign with doubters questioning how far he could take this year’s squad, which lacked the star power of previous Warriors teams.

“I know from the beginning of the season until now, a lot of that chatter has kind of died down,” Curry told reporters in a video conference on Wednesday. “But for the most part, it’s still that ‘What have you done for me lately?’ type of league.” 

Curry made headlines recently with his comments saying he has nothing left to prove, only goals to accomplish, which drew the support of his coach Steve Kerr. The superstar said he’s simply speaking his mind.

"Just speak how I feel," Curry said. "There's no narrative."

He’s an all-time great on an intriguing 19-18 team in another stacked year in the Western Conference. People are eager to see how far he can carry a team with Kelly Oubre Jr. and Andrew Wiggins as his sidekicks. After a dazzling All-Star weekend performance, Curry’s job will be to lead the Warriors to the playoffs, eyeing a top-six seed to bypass the four-team play-in round. He has re-inserted himself into the MVP conversation by averaging 29.7 points per game with an NBA-best 169 made 3-pointers, but he’ll still have plenty of questions and doubters swirling around him along the way.


“What I have to accomplish is on me and nobody else can tell me what I need to do to prove that I’m worthy of whatever notoriety or whatever type of rank or situation in this league,” Curry said. “I got to -- with my teammates, obviously -- control where the rest of my career goes and that’s it.”

But Curry is super tapped into social media and has said he even checks his phone at halftime during games to see what the current conversation is all about. 

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The way #NBATwitter goes, for every fan tweet that flies across his screen, there’s likely one from a troll or a hater.

“I don’t try to get caught up in it anyways, because you can’t ever win,” Curry said. “Just play basketball.”

The Warriors open up the second half with a brutal three-game stretch against the Los Angeles Clippers, Utah Jazz and Los Angeles Lakers, but Kelly Oubre Jr. (wrist) and Draymond Green (ankle) are expected to return.

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