Steph uses Billy Madison joke for NBA legacy motivation

Steph Curry

Steph Curry went full Danny McGrath when talking about being motivated by those who question his legacy on the latest Dubs Talk podcast. 

"A little bit, yeah," Curry said when asked by NBC Sports Bay Area's Grant Liffmann if he ever thinks about his legacy on the court. "There's a little motivation there, always. You obviously know in this business, in this league there's a lot of comparisons and conversation and rankings. It's the best and worst part of what we do, because we're on stage so many times.

"I don't think anybody on this level needs any more motivation or any extra inspiration to go do what we do. But naturally, you hear stuff ... you got to carry that with you. You might not think about it purposely or intentionally on the court. But in those moments it does give you a little extra juice. Year after year, 82 games, I guess ... honestly, you probably need some of that to a certain extent.

"Whether you're searching for it or just coming across it or whether you write it on your wall or put a little note in your locker or something -- whatever it is, to be great, you gotta find some juice. Whatever it is." 

That's when Liffmann brought up the fictional character from Billy Madison, and he was spot-on regarding Curry's thinking. 

"That literally was in my head just now," Curry said with a big laugh. "Checking with the lipstick, friggin' crossing off the list. That's hilarious, that's literally what was in my head. 100 percent." 


For reference on the scene, see this tweet below from Liffmann.

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Whenever Curry steps on the floor, he reminds his naysayers how ridiculous it is to question his legacy. With two NBA MVP awards, three championships, changing the game with his range from deep and passing Wilt Chamberlain as the Warriors' franchise leader in points, Curry's legacy is set in stone. 

Every single member of the Warriors has to be saying "Man, I'm glad I called that guy" when it comes to bringing Curry to the Bay 12 years ago.

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