Steph Curry karaokes during diaper change while quarantined with family


Steph Curry can do it all. 

On the court, the Warriors’ six-time All-Star shows why he’s the greatest shooter of all time. But he’s also dominant at home. 

The father of three gave us a glimpse inside his home and what he, his wife Ayesha, and his children, Riley, Ryan and Canon are all up to while they are in quarantine. 

Canon is still young, which requires him to have the occasional diaper change, but he receives extra entertainment value with Steph providing a song attached to the process.

“Diapees today and I go away, how the poop comes out … “

I mean, it’s catchy -- right? Plus, it turns out young Canon has some impressive stats as well, requiring up to eight changes a day. 

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It turns out, it’s possible to remove a cork from a bottle of champagne -- but Ayesha proves it’s not always done in the first try.

And wait until you see Steph’s skills with a Rubik's cube and watch the Curry kids get some tee ball work in.

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