Steph laments specific aspect of Warriors' rough losing streak

Steph Curry yellow shot

The Warriors got crushed by the LA Clippers on Thursday night, and have lost a season-high four games in a row.

Did the blowout loss at Staples Center sting a little more than usual?

"It sucks right now," Curry told the media following the loss. "Nobody likes this feeling, especially coming off the break where we tried to recharge and rejuvenate some energy. [But we] came out flat.

"We don't want to look back but that Portland [Trail Blazers] game hurt. Obviously, the Phoenix [Suns] game we were undermanned."

Ah, yes. Let's take it back to that game vs. the Blazers last Wednesday.

Steph knows they should have closed that one out. And I assure you he still is upset at himself for missing those two shots in the video above, and the runner off the glass that would have given the Warriors a 3-point lead with about 29 seconds left.

As Draymond Green said that night, "We had several chances to win the game. Steph missed some shots that he would love to have back. I had a point-blank tip-in [but] threw it over the rim."

Even though it was just one loss, I firmly believe that Warriors players, coaches, team executives, fans, etc. would be feeling very different if Golden State was 20-18 and on just a two-game losing streak right now.

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Winning in Portland was very doable, and quite necessary considering the subsequent four games on the schedule. That's why it wasn't a surprise to hear Curry lament that specific loss.


But it is what it is, and nothing can change that result.

The Warriors have two very tough games Sunday and Monday against the Utah Jazz and Los Angeles Lakers, respectively. Splitting them should be considered a success.

"We got two swings at it at home," Curry said. "Gotta find a way to be competitive, win and get back to feeling good about ourselves."

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