Steph makes five of Warriors' 10 wildest shots of season

Steph Curry layup Spurs

What were the wildest buckets of the Warriors' 2020-21 season?

Glad you asked.

Golden State's social and video team compiled the top 10 for your viewing pleasure:

To nobody's surprise, Steph Curry is responsible for five of the 10.

The layup off the top of the backboard against the Portland Trail Blazers -- which checks in at No. 4 -- is just insane. You could try 1,000 times to make that in an empty gym without any defenders and you wouldn't see the ball go through the net once.

As for No. 2 -- Kent Bazemore's reaction sums things up perfectly.

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And when it comes to No. 1 -- "poor Grant Williams" is all that needs to be said.

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