SAN FRANCISCO -- The Warriors hope Stephen Curry’s absence Saturday due to flu is limited to one game, and they’re doing what they can to accomplish that.

While the team’s healthy players gathered Sunday for an afternoon practice at Chase Center, Curry stayed home to fight the bug in relative isolation.

“He’s doing all right, but not well enough to practice today,” coach Steve Kerr said Sunday afternoon. “We have tomorrow off. So, we’ll see how he’s doing the next couple of days. We’ll just say he’s questionable for Tuesday.”

The Warriors are not obligated to present an injury report until the morning of a game.

The hope that after giving Curry three days -- Saturday, Sunday and Monday -- to recover, he might be able to return Tuesday, when the Los Angeles Clippers come to San Francisco. Failing that, they surely want him to be available Thursday against Brooklyn, their last home game before leaving Friday for a 10-day road trip.

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The belief is that Curry likely contracted flu from his son, Canon, who had been ill. The Warriors announced Saturday that they “have begun treatment for Stephen and instituted our team protocol for influenza exposure.”