Stephen A.: Steph is more revolutionary athlete than Mahomes


While Warriors guard Steph Curry revolutionized the game of basketball, can the same argument be made for Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes in the NFL?

After defeating the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LVII, Mahomes claimed his second championship and second Super Bowl MVP award, further building upon his potential Hall of Fame legacy. 

ESPN's Stephen A. Smith and Chris "Mad Dog" Russo debated Wednesday on "First Take" whether Curry or Mahomes has made their respective sports more exciting. 

"When you consider the talents of both, in particular with Mahomes on the football field, he can be conventional when he needs to be," Smith said. "But he can also be something else when he needs to be something else, because Patrick Mahomes is just special, there's no question about that.

"But for me, it's always going to be Steph Curry from the standpoint that he's revolutionized the game of basketball. You see the 3-point shot as the weapon that it is. This man is the greatest shooter that I've ever seen in my life ... I'd say he's the greatest shooter God ever created."

Curry, a 14-year NBA veteran, four-time champion, two-time MVP, two-time scoring champion and nine-time All-Star has a much longer resume than Mahomes, who has been a starter in the NFL for just five years. When asked which of the two has had the greater impact on their respective sport, most probably would answer with Curry. 


However, Russo explains one reason why Curry's influence on the game of basketball could be considered negative. 

"The problem with Steph Curry is sometimes people try to be him and it's hurt the league," Russo explained. "Because now everybody's trying to shoot threes and everybody wants to follow what he does.

"The one thing about missing 3s, the game becomes a disaster. When you miss 3s, it's a rough watch. And that's the problem, because everybody wants to be like him. Because he is so good, everybody wants to shoot the 3. That would be the negative."

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Curry is a no-doubt, first-ballot Hall of Famer, and Mahomes certainly is well on his way.

Both players have had a monumental impact on their respective sports and could go down in history as two of the greatest athletes of all time. 

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