Broussard: Steph MVP chants at Barclays ‘disrespectful’ to KD


Morning talking heads on Wednesday were all over the marquee matchup Tuesday night between the Warriors and Nets at Barclays Center, especially when it came to Steph Curry owning the away crowd with MVP chants.

Stephen A. Smith was aghast on “First Take", and Chris Broussard took it one step further on “First Things First,” calling it “disrespectful” to Curry’s former teammate Kevin Durant, who won NBA MVP award in the 2013-14 season while playing for the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Co-host Nick Wright’s explanation was less about dissing KD, and more about the lack of a loyal Nets fanbase.

And Fox Sports’ talking head maestro Skip Bayless, the morning after his strange Steph Twitter rant during the game, asserts it’s because Curry is the most popular player in the league, surpassing even LeBron James.

Whatever spicy take these shows have, Dub Nation is just happy that the Warriors seem to be back in title contention.

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