Trainer explains what Dubs need to do for Curry to get MVP

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Steph Curry finally came back down to Earth on Wednesday night, as he really struggled against the Washington Wizards.

The two-time NBA MVP -- who averaged 40 points on 54 percent shooting over the prior 11 games -- recorded 18 points (7-for-25 from the field, 2-for-14 on 3s) and six turnovers in the Warriors' loss.

With Golden State currently in ninth place in the Western Conference, what would it take for Curry to have a chance of winning MVP for the third time?

"If you look at the last 13 games here, they have a really, really strong chance of not only getting in the playoffs, but I think they have a really strong chance of potentially working their way up to the sixth or seventh spot based off their remaining schedule," Curry's personal trainer, Brandon Payne, said Thursday on 95.7 The Game's "The Morning Roast" show. "Do I think he's the MVP if they get to the sixth or seventh spot?

"I don't think there's any question that he's the MVP."

The day before his rough performance in our nation's capital, Curry during an appearance on The Rex Chapman Show with Josh Hopkins was asked if he believes he should be the MVP.

"I mean -- I gotta be, I gotta be," the three-time NBA champion said. I probably won't get it, but whatever. I like to be dramatic sometimes, so I'm just setting the table [laughter]."


Hey Mr. Payne, what did you think of Curry's comments?

"In private conversations [laughter], he's a pretty confident guy," Payne said. "And pretty aware of his ability. Publicly, I haven't really heard him talk like that too much.

"But he's a quietly confident guy. He's also quietly a fiery competitive guy, too. So of course, when he's hearing the MVP talk -- and everybody's only talking about Joker [Nikola Jokic] or they're only talking about whoever else -- it's gonna put a little chip on his shoulder because he's certainly playing at an MVP level."

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Yours truly believes that Golden State needs to finish with the No. 6 seed for Curry to have a legitimate shot at the hardware. And part of why the loss to the Wizards is so frustrating is that the Warriors would be just 2.5 games behind the Portland Trail Blazers (but really 3.5 games because of the tiebreaker) if they found a way to win that game.

But as they say -- it is what it is.

Curry and the Warriors have a big opportunity Friday night as they face off against the aforementioned Nikola Jokic and the Denver Nuggets.

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