Steph posts adorable Thanksgiving portrait with Ayesha, kids


Happy Thanksgiving! 

Warriors star Steph Curry graced us with his presence posting what he was thankful, which meant an adorable picture with his family. 

“Thankful today and every day,” Curry wrote on Instagram. “Ups and down. All times. Behind these amazing smiles, there’s so much to be thankful for!”

Steph added that while there is room to grow and so many lessons to learn, he’s thankful for his marriage with his wife, Ayesha, and their three beautiful children: Riley, Ryan and Canon.

“We all know this has been a wild year but appreciate the good time AND the bad times,” Curry wrote. “Appreciate my circle, everyone that has impacted me along the way, and those I don’t know that are watching every move. We are in this together. Bless up! Amen.”

Steph will try his hand at his other passion, golf, when he and NFL legend Peyton Manning will team up against PGA Tour star Phil Mickelson and Hall of Fame NBA player turned analyst Charles Barkley participate in “The Match: Champions for Change” on Friday.

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Steph is obsessed with golf. No seriously, he’s obsessed and lobbied to be a part of this match. He tweeted during the May edition of the showdown.

But before you tries to take down Barkley, a Warriors antagonist, Steph got in a little family time. Not a bad way to get ready for a big match.  


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