Steph praised during podcast segment doubting KD-Kyrie duo


If you woke up this morning hoping to read something that shows some appreciation for Steph Curry, well you're in luck.

At the very end of Wednesday's episode of "The Athletic NBA Show" podcast, the Warriors superstar received immense praise during a discussion on Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and the Brooklyn Nets.

Here is what Wosny Lambre (aka, Big Wos), Michael Lee and David Aldridge had to say:

Wos: "I'm on record saying I don't think this is going to work. It's not going to work because of the temperament of the two guys ... Kyrie and KD's game theoretically could work just fine, but who is actually leading that team? Who is actually the serious person on that team?"

Lee: "That's the one thing you can say about Steph Curry, and why it was a perfect situation for KD."

Wos: "You gotta tip your cap to Steph Curry because he is such a leader."

Lee: "He could handle the franchise stuff."

Wos: "Yes. And the fact he could be deferential to KD to come onto his team and be so egoless about it."

Aldridge: "To me, what Steph Curry did is one of the most amazing things I've ever seen a professional athlete do. They won 73 (games) without him! And then he said, 'All right, come on in and join the party.' "


Lee: "I remember talking to Draymond (Green) about that, and he said if Steph had said, 'I don't want him here,' KD wasn't coming to Golden State. It would have been as simple as that. But Steph was like, 'Nah, I want to win. And he's gonna help us win, so let's get him.' "

Wos: "That's my favorite thing about Steph Curry -- just the egoless nature of how he handled the KD thing. Always said the right things ... he was a freaking good solider, he just did his job to the best of his ability, he didn't demand Steve Kerr run more pick-and-rolls for him."

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If you're a Warriors fan, you probably are smiling from ear to ear right now.

Since we are on the topic, we will remind you of a certain quote from Golden State's coach.

Curry has played a massive role in turning one of the worst franchises in all of sports into a global brand, and he does incredible work in the community.

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The three-time NBA champion is the only unanimous MVP in NBA history.

Not bad for a guy who went to college at Davidson, and slipped to No. 7 overall in the 2009 draft.

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