Steph recalls hilarious story of Draymond's stadium food fight


Draymond Green was probably somebody you'd want to have on your side if a food fight broke out in the school cafeteria. 

The Warriors' forward has a reputation as one of the NBA's best defenders, and apparently, that reputation follows him off the court as well. 

Steph Curry sat down with Warriors television color analyst Kelenna Azubuike for "A Decade in the Bay," where he revealed a story about the time Draymond defended the Curry family against a group of rowdy fans at a Seattle Seahawks-Carolina Panthers NFL game. 

“Draymond is family in the sense that he’s ride-or-die," Curry said. "One of our favorite stories -- obviously I’m a Carolina Panthers fan, they were playing in Seattle, we had an off weekend. Me, my mom, dad, and my wife, Draymond, coach [Steve] Kerr, some of the guys on staff, we flew up for the game. Obviously, honorary Panthers fans for the night."

Anyone familiar with the NFL and specifically the rowdy atmosphere at Seahawks games knows how crazy fans can get. With Steph's Panthers already losing to Seattle, some fans decided to talk trash to the Warriors' suite, and it did not end well. 

“Anyone who has been to Seattle to watch the Seahawks, there’s the “12th man” energy that’s kind of crazy to experience in person," Curry added. "We’re sitting in the suite, there’s a whole lot of trash-talking going on between us -- I’m wearing a Cam Newton jersey -- and some fans down below who were Seahawks fans. The game does not go our way, I think around the end of the third quarter [Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor] got an interception and the place is going crazy.


"This dude right in front of us turns around and flicks us off in the suite. In the spur of the moment, food started flying. People behind us started throwing grapes and stuff and the (people in front) started throwing popcorn back at us. I turn around, next thing I know Draymond has a bushel of grapes in his hand. He’s picking one up and throwing it at the guy, just whaling it at him. That’s always the running joke, he was like the pseudo protector of the Curry family. In that moment he’s back there throwing grape bullets.”     

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No matter the situation, Draymond will always be the first to defend any of his teammates. Whether that be on or off the court.

The mental image is something out of the movie "Elf" where Buddy the Elf is rapidly firing off snowballs at young troublemakers, except it's Draymond unloading an arsenal of grapes at trash-talking fans. 

Let this be a lesson to anyone who dares to start a food fight with Draymond. 

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