Steph recognizes pioneers Jackie Robinson, Lee Elder

Steph Curry

While Steph Curry was busy dropping 33 points on the Cleveland Cavaliers Thursday night, Major League Baseball players were roaming around the diamond in No. 42 jerseys celebrating Jackie Robinson Day.

Curry took time out of his postgame press conference Thursday to discuss Robinson’s impact on baseball and the entire sports world.

“He feared for his safety and his life and his family and all that just to play baseball,” Curry said. “The fact that that’s still recognized is how it should be. But it’s also a reminder that when you look at all the things that are still happening in our country -- police brutality in Minnesota and Chicago and stories that are within this last week -- then you look at how all the sports world is intertwined into all of our communities, we all have to carry that torch.”

Curry has been a major advocate for equality and social justice, especially since last summer.

Last week while the Masters were taking place, Curry also recognized golf pioneer Lee Elder, who was the first Black player to take part in the major tournament at Augusta National Golf Course.

Curry said he wanted to promote the Lee Elder Foundation and its work to promote golf to minorities.

“Like anything I do, it’s about giving a platform to help share that story and continue to drive awareness around how much we progress we have to make in that respect,” Curry said Thursday. “He’s an amazing, amazing person just spewing wisdom left and right. It was awesome to watch him do that tee shot at the Masters last week.”


Curry is in the midst of his greatness and he’s always made time to recognize those who came before him. Curry might not have to go through the same struggles Robinson and Elder faced, but he knows that there’s more to being an athlete than splashing 3-pointers.

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