Steph Curry reflects on pursuit of Reggie Miller, Ray Allen on 3-point list

Steph Curry reflects on pursuit of Reggie Miller, Ray Allen on 3-point list

Steph Curry thought he had passed Jason Terry on the all-time 3-point list in the Warriors' previous game against the Knicks. He didn't.

But the two-time MVP did so on Friday night against the Bulls. His third 3-pointer at 9:59 in the third quarter pushed him ahead of "The Jet" and put him behind only Reggie Miller and Ray Allen.

After the Warriors' 146-109 win over the Bulls, Curry was asked about what it means to be sitting behind those two Hall of Fame sharpshooters.

"It's a special accomplishment in terms of, two guys that I know are trendsetters and stretching the imagination of the 3-point game," Curry told the media at Oracle Arena. "Doing it for many, many years and people that I looked up to as a young kid playing the game."

Curry grew up in NBA arenas, following his father Dell Curry around. He was lucky enough to be in the building to watch Miller and Allen play in their primes. So to be this close to two legends he watched growing up has to be special.

"To look up on the list, obviously, I want to catch them and put together many more years at this pace," Curry said. "But just knowing those two guys are right in front of me, it's a special moment for sure because I respect the game, i respect what guys have done before, and those were two guys I looked up to."

Curry now has 2,285 career 3-pointers. He's just 275 3-pointers behind Miller and 688 behind Allen. 

"I appreciate them and the longevity part of what they both did is something I respect tremendously," Curry said.

Curry's Splash Brother teammate Klay Thompson is a bit behind Curry on the list, but he's coming up quickly. Curry was asked if he and Thompson could end up No. 1 and 2 on the all-time list when their careers are done.

"I wouldn't be surprised," Curry said. "It's kind of trending in that direction with what we've been able to do together, so I think we both appreciate the longevity of what that all-time list looks like and we are working as hard as ever to continue to be efficient, shoot the ball at the high level, so that's something to shoot for."

Curry walked off the court Friday night with the game ball tucked under his arm. Asked what he plans to do with the ball, Curry offered a pretty cool answer.

"I'm going to try to send it Reggie and Ray to get them to sign it for me," Curry said. "That's the goal."

Why Jalen Rose believes Warriors will make the playoffs next season

Why Jalen Rose believes Warriors will make the playoffs next season

The Warriors have reached the playoffs seven straight seasons, which is the longest streak in franchise history.

And according to Jalen Rose, the Dubs will make it eight consecutive appearances next season.

"They'll be in the seven seed," Rose said Wednesday morning on ESPN's morning show, Get Up. "Steph Curry probably won't play all 82 games for obvious reasons. Draymond Green is gonna be terrific this year in a contract season.

"Klay Thompson isn't playing. D'Angelo Russell is gonna supplement them very well on the offensive side. But defensively, he and Steph in the backcourt are gonna struggle against the best guards in the Western Conference."

Marcus Thompson of The Athletic recently asked Curry about "load management," and the two-time NBA MVP issued a very strong response:

“Hell nah. We’ve got a great opportunity to build something special with some hungry guys looking to prove themselves. At the end of the day, I’ve never been the type to show up with any other mindset than to do what you do — hoop."

As for Draymond -- it might not be a contract year for him after all, as he is eligible for an extension and reportedly is open to signing a new deal.

Klay is expected to return at some point, but probably not until after the All-Star break.

Russell averaged 21.1 points and 7.0 assists last season, and could be even better with improved talent around him.

The Warriors absolutely have a bunch of question marks and it's going to be fascinating to see how it all unfolds.

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In case you are curious, here is how Rose ranked the seeds in the West:

1) Rockets
2) Nuggets
3) Clippers
4) Blazers
5) Lakers
6) Jazz
7) Warriors
8) Spurs

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Alec Burks explains how Steve Kerr sold him on signing with Warriors

Alec Burks explains how Steve Kerr sold him on signing with Warriors

Alec Burks agreed to a one-year contract with the Thunder on July 1, but everything changed four days later when Oklahoma City traded Paul George to the Clippers.

The Thunder allowed Burks out of his deal, and on July 8 he elected to join the Warriors.

"I talked to Steve Kerr and he sold me on it, basically," Burks told reporters in Oakland last Friday. "An opportunity. Playing winning basketball -- playoff basketball. Playing with great players."

With Kevin Durant, Andre Iguodala and Shaun Livingston no longer with the organization -- and Klay Thompson sidelined because of a torn left ACL -- the opportunity definitely will be there.

As a member of the Jazz in 2013-14, Burks averaged 14.0 points and 2.7 assists per game, while shooting nearly 46 percent overall and 35 percent from deep.

But injuries limited the University of Colorado product to 100 games combined over the next three seasons, and Utah eventually traded him last November to Cleveland, who shipped him to Sacramento in February.

The soon-to-be 28-year-old will get a fresh start with the Dubs.

Did Kerr mention anything else during his pitch to Burks?

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"Playing out here with the fans," he said. "The fans -- what I've seen being a visitor -- the fans are amazing.

"That's pretty much it."

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