Steph reveals details on Iguodala's mentality for next season

Andre Iguodala Steph Curry

Andre Iguodala last Friday announced he would be signing a one-year contract with the Warriors for the veteran's minimum.

The 2015 NBA Finals MVP will turn 38 years old on Jan. 28, but believes he can contribute at a high level.

Steph Curry during a phone conversation with The Athletic's Tim Kawakami on Tuesday relayed some information that should excite Warriors fans.


“I think there was a question of, like, did he have a year or two left in the tank to even make a decision of wanting to come back? The way I’ve heard him talk and saw him the other day, the dude’s motivated," Curry told Kawakami. "It’s not just, ‘I’m coming back to be a chaperone and try to fade into the sunset in the Warrior jersey.’

“He actually is going to want to produce and be out there, be available throughout the year. He’ll talk about it when he gets in front of you all and the fans and whatnot. But he’s in a good space mentally and physically, I think, in terms of what he’s expecting from himself come this year.

“And to know it’s somebody that’s been around, knows how we operate, can help the young guys, can be eyes and ears in the locker room and on the court to help unlock some potential. 

"It’s going to be awesome.”

Yes it is.

Iguodala averaged 21.3 minutes over 63 appearances (five starts) with the Miami Heat last season.

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It's very safe to assume he won't log that much playing time in 2021-22, as the Warriors will want him to be as fresh as possible late in the year and into the playoffs.

But it sounds like Iguodala still expects a lot out of himself on the court.

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