One compliment Steph loves hearing from defenders during game

Steph Curry Buddy Hield shot

Steph Curry struggled in the fourth quarter Sunday night, but he was incredible before the final frame.

The two-time NBA MVP recorded 33 points (11-for-17 from the field, 7-for-11 on 3s) and four assists across his first 30-plus minutes of action in the first three quarters of the Warriors' win over the Kings.

And he made some shots that were beyond ridiculous even for him.

Steph joined the radio broadcast after Golden State's win, and was asked what part of his game has slowed down the most for him.

"Just being able to adjust to different defenses," he told Tim Roye and Tom Tolbert. "Daylight seems to come few and far between, but when you do get it -- being able to take advantage and attack when defenses slip up. That's been the biggest thing as the years have gone on.

"The compliment I love is when guys tell me to stop running around so much when they're defending me. That's a testament to being in great shape and being able to play at that level for however long I'm out there."

First and foremost, it's hilarious to think about defenders begging Steph to stand still. That's awesome.

Additionally, this comment serves as the 100,000th reminder that the three-time NBA champion is such a unique superstar because of his ability to dominate both on and off the ball.

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He never stops moving, which creates chaos and causes defensive breakdowns.


"I think Steph has changed the definition of a point guard," Steve Kerr told the media prior to Sunday's game. "There’s no question that you call him a combo because he’s so good off the ball.”

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