Steph shares what fights were like with Seth as kids


Nothing beats a little friendly competition between two brothers. Both Steph and Seth Curry have a long history of facing off against each other, dating back to the games they used to play in the backyard as kids. 

The two brothers faced off against one another Monday night as the Warriors beat Seth's Philadelphia 76ers, 107-96. 

Steph joined The Rex Chapman Show this week and discussed playing against his brother at the highest level. 

“[Monday] was the 10th game we’ve played against each other," Curry said. "It should be a lot more, but for some reason, we always want to get hurt before a matchup, so either one of us misses it.”

Both Steph and Seth fell in love with basketball at a young age, and have been competing against each other their entire lives. 

“I appreciate every opportunity that we get to play against each other and compete. It brings out the love of the game to a whole other level because, because he’s known me for 33 years and there were times where we were in the backyard and we’re acting like we’re NBA players, shooting fake game-winners, or wearing our pop’s jerseys and stuff.”


As is the case with most brothers who are equally competitive, sometimes a game of hoops can get a little heated. Curry was asked how many times he and Seth got into fights while playing against each other in the backyard. 

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“Oh, at least 15. Seth had this thing where we would play 1-on-1 and obviously, I’m the big brother, I'm supposed to win, but he’d get me every once in a while. He had this thing where he would call a foul and I’m like ‘no, that’s not a foul, I didn't touch you.’ And I wouldn’t give him the foul, and he would literally take the ball and just walk off the court.

"He knew all I wanted to do was play, he knew I wasn’t just going to let him walk off, so he’d play that card every time and say ‘Nah, Nah, I’m done.’ He would keep the ball and walk off, it was a trump card every single time because I just wanted to hoop and he knew I wanted to hoop and he wanted to hoop. The game within the game still exists.”

The elder Curry had the upper hand Monday night, scoring 49 points and draining 10 threes in a win over his brother's Eastern Conference-leading 76ers. 

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