Why Steph sees a lot of himself in Chiefs star QB Mahomes


Steph Curry is a diehard Carolina Panthers fan. However, his favorite NFL player suits up for a different team. 

"[Patrick] Mahomes, for sure," Curry said on the "Huddle and Flow" podcast.

The Warriors' star point guard even sees plenty of similarities between he and the Kansas City Chiefs QB when watching games on Sundays. 

"See a lot of myself in him, and obviously there's been a lot of comparisons," Curry said. "Just that creativity -- you can't blink or you'll miss something special. I just love his confidence. He knows at any point he can do something special. He's always got options, he's got a way to make a play using his feet or his arm, sidearm pass -- whatever it is. He's surrounded by some weapons and he knows how to use them. 

"That guy, he's special. He's a generational talent, obviously. So I love watching him."

Mahomes and Curry both are wizards with the ball in their hands. Curry is the king of long-distance in the NBA, and Mahomes can launch 80-yard passes down the field with ease. Even when everything doesn't work out, they dazzle the crowd. 

Curry nearly has made countless full-court heaves and Mahomes pulled off some of the greatest incompletions ever seen while running for his life in Kansas City's Super Bowl LV loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 

While Curry has two NBA MVPs and three championships to his name in his 12-year career, Mahomes already has won one NFL MVP and one championship through his first four seasons.


They even have similarities off the court, too. 

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Both superstars come from fathers who were professional athletes. Curry's father, Dell, played 16 years in the NBA. Mahomes' father, also named Patrick, had an 11-year MLB career. 

It's easy to anoint Curry and Mahomes as the most entertaining players in their respective sports. It's also easy to see them both going after more rings and more MVPs before their careers come to a close.

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