Former Warriors big man JaVale McGee hosted an Instagram Live session through the NBA's official account Friday afternoon.

Golden State superstar Steph Curry joined in on the fun, and -- of course -- created some content.

McGee: "What team -- or player on that team -- that you know is guarding you, do you look at and be like, 'Oh yeah, I'm getting 60 tonight?' "

Curry: "Ohhhh (thinking) ... everybody."

JaVale proceeds to freak out and begins running around back and-forth.

The two-time NBA MVP can't help but laugh, and says: "Quarantine done changed me, huh?"

JaVale: "I'm not gonna lie -- I was not expecting that answer."

Curry: "I gave it just for you. That was just for you."

Hater alert! Steph's career high is 54 points.

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Who does he think he is -- Klay Thompson against the Indiana Pacers on Dec. 5, 2016?

Just messing around, of course.

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