Kerr, Steph explain Dubs' frustration in loss to Clippers

Green, Curry, Warriors

It's not often that Warriors fans see Steph Curry visibly frustrated with his teammates on the sideline.

But there Curry was, in the second half of the Warriors' ugly 130-104 loss to the Los Angeles Clippers on Thursday, yelling in the general direction of Andrew Wiggins and Kelly Oubre Jr.

There likely were more targets of Curry's ire in that moment. The Warriors at one point, found themselves down 39 points in Staples Center on Thursday.

After a competitive first quarter, the Warriors fell apart in the second quarter and never could recover.

Early in the season, coach Steve Kerr justified the frustration because the team was learning to play with each other and he was trying to develop rotations and units that worked.

But now, 38 games into the 2020-21 NBA season, the frustration on this night was different.

"The difference, early in the year, it felt like we just had a long way to go and so there was frustration but we knew we were going to get better," Kerr told reporters on a Zoom conference call after the game. "And I think the frustration was greater tonight because we have proven that we can be competitive and win games and we made a lot of strides over the last six, seven weeks and we were not competitive tonight. We did not bring it.

"That was Steph's frustration. That was Draymond's frustration. And so that's my job as a head coach. I've got to make sure we find a way to get competitive again because that was a really disappointing, poor effort tonight."


After so many years where Curry didn't have to be the vocal leader because of the other veterans in the room, the soon-to-be 33-year-old and Draymond Green are tasked with being the fire-starters.

It's still a strange sight to see Curry that animated on the bench during a game.

"It's always about what's happening in the moment," Curry told reporters on a Zoom conference call after the game. "That's just basketball. Trying to be competitive spirit and leadership in all different type of ways, but we had an opportunity to set the tone for the second half of the season and obviously didn't do it. We've got to do something about that going into the next game."

After winning three straight and building a 19-15 record, the Warriors have given away all that momentum with a four-game losing streak. They head home to the Bay Area for a back-to-back with the Utah Jazz and Los Angeles Lakers on Sunday and Monday at Chase Center.

If Curry and the Warriors don't brush aside their frustration, the season could nosedive quickly and the playoffs could be an afterthought.

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