Steph tells great story of why computer crashed at Davidson

Steph Curry Davidson

It has been over 13 years since Steph Curry nearly led the Davidson Wildcats to the Final Four.

The magical run in the 2008 NCAA Tournament included wins over Gonzaga, Georgetown and Wisconsin, and the spotlight on Curry from a national perspective grew immensely.

"That's when the world kind of flipped upside down," the Warriors superstar said this week on" The Rex Chapman Show with Josh Hopkins." "I was 'Dell Curry's son' for a while in Charlotte. I knew what it was like to be known around a city, but it wasn't on my own merits. It was just the Curry name."

And then Steph told a great story about what happened when he returned to campus following the loss to Kansas in the Elite 8.

"The funniest part is when I got back ... I had my little laptop in my dorm room and this is Facebook's early days," he explained. "My computer crashed because I had over 1,000 messages in my inbox. I tried to log in, my whole computer crashed. All my work was on there. It was a total disaster.

"So that's when it got messed up because it was interrupting my academic future (laughter)."

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Now that's some funny stuff right there.

What isn't funny is how Steph and the Warriors were unable to close out the Washington Wizards on Wednesday night.

The two-time NBA MVP and his squad will look to get the sour taste out of their mouths when they host the Denver Nuggets on Friday.


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