Steph trips, Wiseman shoves in weird no-call sequence

Steph Curry trips

Seconds after the Los Angeles Lakers got away with an apparent foul on Warriors star Steph Curry, Golden State rookie James Wiseman got away with one himself Sunday.

With three minutes remaining in the first quarter and Dennis Schroeder guarding him, Curry tripped just in front of halfcourt. Curry argued the call over the next couple of possessions, but not before Wiseman wasn't called for shoving Montrezl Harrell before blocking his shot.

You can say it's a missed call, or you could say it's a Veteran Move from the rookie. Regardless, Warriors TV color commentator Kelenna Azubuike perfectly summed up the sequence by calling Wiseman's block a "make-up no call."

Wiseman's push didn't elicit much of a reaction from the Lakers' bench, but the game became decidedly chippier as LA pulled away from Golden State in the second half. Curry's elbow caught Schroeder in the face on a 3-point attempt, and Schroeder was called for the defensive foul.

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The Lakers enjoyed a significant free-throw advantage in the first half Sunday, taking 26 to the Warriors' eight. Curry took five of Golden State's shots from the charity stripe, one more than LA star LeBron James.

While Curry arguably doesn't get the same calls as his superstar peers and he certainly didn't when Schroeder tripped him, it'd be hard for the Warriors to point to a free-throw disparity Sunday when they ended the first half down 29 points.


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