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In the Warriors' NBA first-round playoff series against the Clippers, Steph Curry will find himself guarded by Patrick Beverley quite a bit.

Beverley has been named NBA All-Defensive twice -- second team in 2014 and first team in 2017 -- and is known for getting under people's skin.

So, how does Curry handle dealing with Beverley's physical style?

"Just play basketball. That's what we're out on the court to do," the two-time NBA MVP told reporters after practice Friday. "Antics and all that type of stuff -- likely to happen. Nothing distracts me from playing basketball."

Curry then provided a money quote:

"Historically speaking, it hasn't worked."

Turn up the heat!

Here's how Curry fared against Beverley and the Rockets during the 2015-16 regular season:
Oct. 30, 2015 = 25 points, 9-for-15 FG, six assists, one turnover
Dec. 31, 2015 = 35 points, 12-for-24 FG, nine assists, one turnover

Do you remember what happened in Game 1 against the Rockets in 2016? With 6:31 left in the first quarter, Curry and Beverley got tangled up after Beverley was whistled for a foul, and each player received a technical. The incident fired up Curry, who proceeded to score 24 points in the first half.


Here is how Curry fared against Beverley and the Rockets during the 2016-17 regular season:
Dec. 1, 2016 = 28 points, 9-for-22 FG, five assists, five turnovers
Jan. 20, 2017 = 24 points, 8-for-18 FG, seven assists, one turnover
March 28, 2017 = 32 points, 11-for-22 FG, seven assists, six turnovers

In one matchup against Beverley last season, Curry racked up 31 points (9-for-14 FG) and six assists.

And this season, against Beverley and his Clippers team:
Dec. 23, 2018 = 42 points, 12-for-22 FG, two assists, zero turnovers
Jan. 18, 2019 = 28 points, 10-for-19 FG, four assists, one turnover

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As Curry said, Beverley's antics haven't worked.

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