Steph makes passionate voting plea in Lincoln Project video


Steph and Ayesha Curry officially endorsed Joe Biden for president in mid-August, and they made an appearance at the virtual Democratic National Convention.

The Warriors superstar is doing everything to support Biden, which is why he partnered with The Lincoln Project.

"We need your vote like never before," the three-time NBA champion said in a video posted to Twitter on Monday night. "But you know what we need even more? We need you to be careful, to be safe, to protect yourselves and your families. Wear a mask.

"So listen up -- vote! Vote now. Don't be scared, because that's what they want. They want you so scared you stay home so your voice won't count (and) your voice won't be heard.

"Be strong, be safe, be brave. Mask up and vote. Vote for Joe. Your future is depending on it."

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The Warriors in early September announced three voting center locations in the Bay Area.

Today is Election Day, so make sure you vote.

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