Steph wants to borrow trash talk from former President Obama


Steph Curry might sound a bit more presidential on the court this season.

The Warriors star asked former President Barack Obama in an Instagram Live interview on Wednesday if he could borrow a line.

"We all saw the video," Curry said, referring to the video of Obama making a 3-pointer in a Flint, Mich. while campaigning for President-elect Joe Biden last month. "We all saw the ratchet that you got. We saw the effortless -- I'm lefty right now -- the effortless motion. I just wanna know, can I borrow, 'That's what I do! That's what I do!' Can I borrow that?"

"Did you notice, by the way, that I wasn't sure, with the mask on, that everyone had properly heard me?" Obama told Curry in the interview promoting "A Promised Land," the former President's memoir about his first term in the White House. "I had to pull it down, and repeat it."

"You gotta let 'em know," Curry said. "Then you hit 'em with the Larry Bird with the finger up as you walked out."

"Yeah, just let 'em know," Obama quipped.

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Obama's off-the-dribble 3-pointer went viral the weekend before the election, the latest public sign of the former president's love of the sport. Curry and the Warriors visited the White House after winning an NBA championship in 2015, and Obama watched Curry and Golden State play against the Toronto Raptors in Game 2 of the NBA Finals in 2019. Curry and Obama have become close over the years, and the pair headlined an event in Oakland last year hosted by the Obama Foundation.


As for Curry's trash-talking tribute to Obama, the two-time MVP told the former president that it'll be easy to listen for when the season begins later this month.

"We're not gonna have any fans in the gym, so you're probably going to hear me yell it on the court," Curry said.

"I'm expecting it now!" Obama said.